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"Here are some of the most popular questions asked"



What packages do you offer?

I offer only one wedding package; this is to keep it nice and simple for you to understand and to get your images to you as quickly as possible. Albums and prints are available to be purchased separately. Click here to find a full description of the package.


How long does the wedding package cover?

I don’t restrict this package into hours worked, every wedding is different and in some cases they may over run. Rest assured that I would cover from bridal prep to half an hour after the first dance.


How much retainer is required to secure our date and when is it due?

30% of the package price is required to secure your date. The retainer is due once booked, as your date cannot be secured without it.


Can you hold our date without the retainer?

Unfortunately no, I get hundreds of emails about dates and I cannot turn away another wedding unless the date is secured with the retainer.


When is full payment due?

Two weeks before the wedding date.

Please note if payment is not met by the payment date, then the sneak peaks and preview gallery may be delayed until full payment has been recieved.


Is there any discount available?

Yes… and no! I’ll explain below


Yes, if you recommend a friend and they choose to book their wedding day with Faye Amare Photography you will both receive 10% off you photography package price. This could save you both over £100. T&C’s apply


I may offer a discount at wedding shows. However due to high demand, the retainer would be required to secure your date and discount. Show offers are strictly valid for 24 hours after a wedding show.


Unfortunately I do not offer a weekday discount, as it does not cost me any less than a weekend wedding.


Unfortunately I am not able to offer discount during peak season, however I do offer 20% discount for out of season wedding dates.


Peak Season: April – October

Out of Season: November – March




How far ahead do I need to book?

This is entirely down to you; however just like a flash sale all the good things go first! So make sure you don’t miss out if you are certain you wish to book me, inform me! Dates cannot be secured without the retainer. I am currently booking a max of 2 years in advance. I regularly turn away enquires due to the date already being booked.


What areas do you cover?

I mainly cover Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgshire, Essex and London. However I am available throughout the UK.

There may be an overnight fee if your wedding is 50+ miles from Norwich. Overnight Fee: £120. This will be discussed with you.


Do you cover the EU?

I would love to cover your EU wedding. The wedding package is the same however due to extra expenses the price for this package is £1900

There will also be expenses such as, and not limited to: flights, accommodation (3 day minimum stay) and car hire.


Why do you require a 3 day minimum stay for my EU wedding?

The first day I arrive, I will visit the venue/s with you. The second day will be the day of the wedding. And the third day will be spent backing up your images. I will always arrive in the morning and leave in the evening.


Are you insured?

Yes, of course. I am insured with Photogaurd. This covers: Public Liability, Indemnity, Personal accident, hire cover, UK cover, 90 Days EU cover, breakdown and in vehicle cover.


How long have you been a photographer?

I have been a photographer for the last 8 years. Second shooting weddings for the last 6 years and main shooter for the last 4 years. During this time I have gained my BA (HONS) in Photography and priceless experience within the industry.


Who is Faye Amare?

As I also work commercially in the fashion industry I choose to keep the different genres of my photography separate! This is due to the fashion industry being a little fickle and also because the difference in my work is quite vast. You can view my other work here.

Alas this is where the business name of Faye Amare came from. I choose this name as Faye is my middle name, which also means faithful and is French in origin. Amare, comes from the Latin word for love, both together mean faithful love.


How would I define my style?

I would describe my style as creatively candid, I try to be as discreet as possible so I can capture your day as it happens, while creatively making your photos as beautiful as possible.


Do you have any other weddings / engagements I can see?

Of course, not all of my weddings are on the website. Some couples request that images are not shared publicly, and others I have special permission to share only with clients. Just ask and I will link you to a few other galleries.


What do consultations entail?

You can choose to have a Skype or face to face consult, or both if you wish. These consultations roughly take 45 minutes.


Consults include, but are not limited to the following...

- Your photography expectations

- Products and packages I offer

- An introduction

- Overlook of the contract and shotlist

- Questions you may have

- Your wedding expectations and plans

- Signing of contract (if you wish to book)


Are you a member of any professional photography organizations?

Yes, I am apart of AOP (Association of Photographers)




What happens if you cannot attend my wedding due to illness?

Thankfully I have never been in this position. However there is a procedure in place if such instances were to occur. We have a great network of photographers within Norfolk and around the UK, In the event of my illness; I would place a referral and find available options with a similar style / price point to mine. It would then be up to you to choose who you wish to rebook. Any payments made will be returned in the event of cancelation due to illness.


We have just booked, what happens now?

Thank you for choosing Faye Amare Photography for your big day. If you haven’t already received the welcome pack yet, it will soon be on its way to you. You will soon be added to the Facebook group if you have requested to be. It’s a great way to stay in touch and you also get to see to see work that isn’t posted on my website as well as exclusive offers from local wedding companies.


You can also start gathering any wedding photography images you love, please keep in mind the venue/s you have booked and whether it would be a suitable idea. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration and also makes it easy for me to view, please feel free to add me to a board.


I will contact you roughly…


6 months before

Just check in, see if any details have changed and ask how the planning is going and if I can help in any way or if you have any questions. This is also a good time to book in your engagement session if you haven’t already booked it in.


Engagement shoot

I will be attending one of the most important days of your life and it is vital for us to be comfortable in each other company. I find the couples I get on best with get the best shots as they are able to relax and have fun without worrying


1 month before

I will message you to confirm details on the contract, arrange a venue visit and go over the schedule. I will also ask for your shotlist and Pinterest board.


Venue visit

At the venue visit we will…

- View available grounds

- Check available light and take a few photos

- Discuss placement of the ceremony and parties involved

- Discuss order of the bridal party

- Discuss layout of reception

- Make A and B plans for group and couple shots. (Just in case of bad weather)

- Answer any questions you may have


1 week before

I will message you just confirm my attendance; I will also ask for any of the details above if they have not already been provided. The final timetable will be sent to you with my times included.


1 day before

Just to let you know I will be there tomorrow and that I am looking forward to your big day.


At any point please feel free to drop me an email or give me a call.




When will you arrive?

I usually arrive once the bride has had her hair done; this gives me a couple of hours to photograph the preparation. My arrival will also be detailed on the contract and the final timetable.


Do we need to feed you?

Yes please, I will have worked an entire day on just my breakfast, we photographers get hungry and tired too, so it will be much appreciated if I could have a hot meal. Please seat me in a quite corner preferably near a plug so I can backup all your images while I’m eating. Two birds, one stone and all that! Also, if you have booked a videographer it’s a good idea to seat us together.


How do you work?

I try to work as discreetly as possible, this way I get to capture the real candid moments that happen on the day. However there are instances such as the confetti shot, group shots, and couples shots where I need to be in on the action, I will help direct you and your guests to get the best shot.


Do you bring back up equipment?

Yes, I bring 2 or more DSLR bodies to every wedding, plus multiple lenses, cards, batteries, gadgets and gizmos. All neatly packed into my roller case. This helps prevent any problems if there is a technical fault.


Can my guests take pictures?

I will ask that no pictures be taken during the ceremony; this is so that all your guests can be fully present with you at this most important time. This also avoids any situations where someone may be in my way, or blocking my view. I will make the wedding conductor aware of this and they will announce this before the entrance of the bridal party.


In the situation/s where my view is blocked by attendees, no liability can be claimed for any requested shots missed.


Your guests are free to photograph the reception. However, I do ask however that no photos be taken during group shots or couples shots. This is so that I have you and your guest’s full attention.


I would highly recommend watching this video to get an insight of what problems we photographers can face.


We also booked a Videographer; do we need to make you aware of this?

Yes please, the more details I have about your big day the better, this gives me better idea of what to expect. You will find a section on the last page of the shotlist asking for the videographer’s details. These details are vital so that I can discuss your big day plans with the videographer and make sure we both have all the same details.



When will we receive our images?

Your will receive you USB 5 - 6 weeks after your wedding day. In busy periods this timeline may be extended to 8 - 10  weeks, however you will be informed if this is the case.


When can we order our album / prints?

As soon you have received your USB, Just send me an email stating you wish to place order and I will send you over further details.


Do we choose the layout and images that go in our album?

Yes, of course. We will arrange an album consultation to go over exactly what you want; you pick your desired albums and images you wish to include. I will be there to help and advise you every step of the way. In terms of layout it is always best to follow the flow of your big day, however it is completely at your discretion.

Once your album is ready we will meet again to hand over your prints/albums and to sign the satisfactory waver form.


When will I receive my album / prints?

Roughly 6 – 8 weeks after paying and confirming your order and dependant on order and suppliers.